Top-up your balance to get and wash more in Bubbles!

Add money to your account between June 7 and June 18, 2021, to wash, dry or use our ozone machine with a 20% discount next time. 

All you have to do is to sign-up or login to your Bubbles account and top-up your balance with exactly 5,500 HUF and we will automatically send you 3 coupons with a 20% discount by e-mail.

If you top up your balance twice more during the promotion period with HUF 5,500, you will receive 3 more 20% coupons for each top-up.


Our promotion is only available to our registered customers and is valid for exactly 5,500 HUF to-ups by time.
A total of nine 20% coupons are available per costumer per promotion.
The 20% coupons can be used in any of our laundromats until August 31, 2021, and cannot be combined with other discounts.
The 20% coupon code cannot be validated when booking a machine.